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Employees Charter



The purpose of this charter is to provide better quality and quick service to employees(teaching and non-teaching) of the department.

S.No Nature of Service

Service Delivery Standard time limit


Issue of No objection Certificate for Obtaining Passport or to go abroad.

3 Days
2. Full Additional Charge Arrangements
Principal/Regional Joint Director
3 Days
3. Sanction of Additional Charge Allowance 7 Days
4. Sanction of leaves other than Casual Leaves 7 Days
5. Sanction of Annual Grade Increments 7 Days
6. Approval of Flyleaves. 7 Days
7. Release of grants to Private Aided Colleges. 7 Days
8. Approval of Group Insurance/Family Benefit Fund 10 Days
9. Pay Fixations 10 Days
10. Approval of Correspondent ship of Aided Colleges. 7 Days
11. Sanction of Group Insurance /Family Benefit Fund. 15 Days
12. Reimbursement of Medical Eexpenses 7 Days After receipt of report from DME
13. Sanction of GPF Part-final Withdrawals for Principals of Government Degree Colleges. 7 Days
14. Processing of GPF Final withdrawal proposals to A.G. 7 Days
15. Compassionate Appointments 10 Days

Appointments/Promotions, Transfers, FIP/ Reporting after leave postings

15 Days
17. Permission to fillup the post in Aided Colleges 10 Days
18. Forwarding Pension proposals to A.G 15 Days
19. Disciplinary Cases
a) Which do no involve Suspension
b) Which involve Suspension
90 Days
1- 2 Years
* Depending on the nature of case.

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